by shara.anderson on June 5, 2012

In our culture, finances touch all areas of our lives.  We have used Dave Ramsey resources for our finances and even led his classes at our church 3 different times.  We like his material for the most part, and it has been personally very helpful for getting out of debt and setting a budget.

4 1/2 years ago we were praying consistently about when and how my husband would start the move to becoming self-employed.  He had a good job, but Kirk is wired to do his own thing.  He has always wanted to, and I think that had he not had the opportunity to go out on his own it would have really stifled him as a man.  At that time he was working full-time at his job and then coming home and working many hours trying to get his business to the point where it could sustain our family.  While we were praying about the timing, much to our surprise, Kirk was laid off.  This was a definite answer to prayer.  There was uncertainty about it all, but it was also exhilarating to have such a definite answer.  I was able to substitute teach while Kirk stayed home with the kids and it gave us a chance to sort some things out.

Before Kirk was laid off we were power paying on all of our debt and moving quickly.  We had paid off vehicles and had no credit cards with just our student loans left (and our mortgage) and we were making headway on those as well.  We knew exactly when we would be done with our student loans, but as Kirk was nearing the timeline of choosing to quit we decided we better start putting money into savings instead of power pay on our loans.  So, that’s what we did.  And, then he was laid off.

4 1/2 years later we have NOT gone further into debt.  We still don’t use credit cards (just our debit card).  We have never been late on a bill except when I’m pregnant and have “pregnancy brain”, and I somehow don’t get it out on time (or forget completely):).  God provides…and has increased our faith.

One major issue for us though has been budgeting well since that time.  Having a completely variable income has made it much trickier to budget.

Dave Ramsey encourages an envelope system where you budget how much money you will use in a specific category and then taking the cash out and putting it in the envelope.  When the cash is gone you are done.

WELL, it just so happens that I have recently stumbled upon a free online system from Crown Financial Ministries that has electronic envelopes.  Thus far I’m liking it as it is simple to use and follows an envelope system without the actual envelopes and cash in hand.

Try it out for yourself.  It’s free.

Blessings to your family,

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