The Creator ~ His Game, His Rules

by shara.anderson on May 27, 2012

The conversation went something like this:

Ella:  …”why do I have to be on a team?”

Cade:  “Because, that’s the game.”

Ella:  “But, I don’t want to!  Why can’t I just be by myself?”

Me:  “Um, Ella, Cade made the game.  You have to go by the rules he made.”

I would love to say that all the grumbling from Ella stopped there.  It didn’t.  So, once again I emphasized that she really couldn’t argue with Cade about the rules.  It was a board game that he made and, therefore, if she wanted to play she had to follow those rules.  If they were playing Chess or Checkers or some existing game then she could have questioned if Cade was following the rules.  Then they could have checked what the written rules said and gone from there.  The fact was that she couldn’t argue with Cade on this one.  His game, his rules.

I couldn’t help but make the obvious parallel.  God created us and the universe.  We have breath because He gave it to us.  His creation, His rules.  Thankfully, God is, by His very nature, compassionate and loving.  He’s also good and just.  My analogy also breaks down at the point that Cade’s game had  flaws, but God is perfect.  It was a good reminder for me that it is time to quit trying to change or wish away how God’s ways work.  I also need to go to the “rulebook” often because that is how life works.  You can try to do things your own way, but it doesn’t work.  There are laws that God has set in place and that is how things work.  Things like, “Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.” ~Galatians 6:7.  Timeless truths…like it or not.

God’s ways are higher than our ways.  We need to have faith that even when we don’t “get it” that He does, and He will do what He promises.

As we follow God and His ways we are promised His blessings.  Those blessings may not be immediate or in a particular way, but they are certain.  Remember, as well, that God is not a God of condemnation.  To those who are His children (those who put their faith and trust in salvation through Jesus Christ as the 2nd person of the Trinity), He disciplines out of love and only as a means to restore our relationship to Him and never to be vindictive or vengeful.  On the flip side, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have consequences to contend with…after all, we do reap what we sow.  Yet, God is merciful to His children.

Take heart, immerse yourself and delight in God’s ways and you will be blessed!

May you know His riches blessings for you!

**If you aren’t sure if you are His child or have questions click here.

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