Submission Looks Different

by shara.anderson on September 12, 2012

You’ve probably heard 345 sermons on submission (okay, maybe not quite that many).  You’ve maybe read several books or articles about it.  Maybe you’ve been encouraged by other women in your life in regards to it.

Kirk and Shara

I’ve come to the conclusion that although there are many things that can be defined from the Bible on respecting and submitting to your husband that it will still look very different in each marriage and household.

I’ve often tried to emulate what other women do in their marriages only to be frustrated.  I’m finding that Kirk is not like other husbands, and I am not like other wives.  Our God is extremely creative, and His Spirit works in our lives uniquely.  I am also learning that when one woman should “shut-up” another should “speak-up”.  (My tendency is to speak-up so usually I should shut-up:)).

I was just hoping to encourage any wife out there who feels caught in a cycle of not measuring up to other wives around you that 1) we are all in process, 2) only God knows our hearts, and 3) we are created uniquely in a one-of-a-kind marriage that God needs to be the leader of.

So, instead of stacking yourself up next to the wife next door ask your husband how he feels respected.  Hey, just a thought.  Then, give it to God so that he can be perfecting your marriage.

Blessings to your marriage,

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