Whisper Prayers

by shara.anderson on January 9, 2012

You know when you hear someone speak and you decide you’re going to implement every last thing that they suggested…and then you get home and you really can’t remember much of anything that was said, and you seem to have gone back to just the way things were before?

There was a speaker that I listened to from a conference we went to a couple of years ago.  There was something that I took away from her talk that we still utilize today.  Her name is Melodie Sterrett, and she spoke on “The Balance of Loving Discipline“.  I remember liking most of what she said, but I really couldn’t tell you any specifics anymore except for what she called “Whisper Prayers”.

It’s such a simple concept and yet it is something that really has been such a connection point with our children.  Basically, whisper prayers are prayers that you whisper in your child’s ear while you are in their bed tucking them in at night.  It doesn’t seem all that monumental, but it gives you a chance to be one on one with your child.  It’s the time that I take to think through the day and thank God out-loud for the things I see taking root in my child; to really speak a blessing over them.  It can also be a time that we pray for what can be worked on as well.  Sometimes apologies are made or we laugh about our day.  Many times, after the prayer, the child will ask some deep question that otherwise wouldn’t have been addressed.  Each of our kids love when we whisper pray.

I thought this coincided so well with the “Gentleness Challenge” that I’ve been following on “Women Living Well“.  Whisper prayers can be a great place to start.  A place to maybe confess some of your faults to your child and pray together.  It may be a place to have some healing begin in a strained parent/child relationship.  Or it may just be a place to strengthen an already strong connection.


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