What’s Working For Us Right Now

by shara.anderson on October 29, 2011

With the addition of Sawyer to the family and our home-school year starting many people have asked, “How do you do it all?”  Well, the truth is, I don’t do it “all” and many days we don’t even get to “most”.  So, with that disclaimer aside, there are somethings that are working for us right now.

Quiet Time: We start our “official” home-school day with quiet time for everyone.  This allows the kids to be in a good habit of having time with their Bible, and it also gives me the necessary time alone with God before we dive in.  Right now we do that for 20 minutes.  Each child is alone in a different room with a Bible or devotional type book (except Addie who just sits on her bed).  Cade many times uses this time to work on his AWANA verses.

Day Chore: Then we move onto our “day chore”.  Each day we have 1 chore that takes us less than 15 minutes, and we all work on it together.  On Mondays it’s vacuuming (the kids do their own rooms with the stick vacuum while I do the living room etc).  Tuesdays is shake the rugs/wash floors and so on.

Time with Addie: Then it is math time for Cade, and Ella gets to choose something to play with Addie.  Then it is Ella’s math time and Cade plays with Addie.  This has been so good for Addie as she gets concentrated time with each of the older ones and they are helping to teach her how to interact positively.

Taking a Walk: Another positive for us has been taking the double jogger stroller and taking the 4 kids for a walk after lunch…even though it often takes more time to pack up than actually take our walk.  Today we counted 19 caterpillars, 4 grasshoppers, 3 butterflies and 2 snakes:).

We are usually done by lunch-time with our schooling, being Cade is 1st grade and Ella in Kindergarten.  This gives us flexibility in our afternoons and many times I’m napping with Sawyer while Addie naps and the other two utilize their free-time they’ve been waiting for all day.

It isn’t fancy or rocket science, but it’s what’s working for us right now.


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