by shara.anderson on April 13, 2011

Back in October we had the Watoto Children’s Choir come to our church in Wisconsin.  The sanctuary was packed as people from our church and community anticipated seeing this children’s choir that had come all the way from Uganda, Africa to share their story.

Here is a video of the Children’s Choir.  It is so fun!

Cade, Ella & Addie were there, and it was such a great thing for all of us!  These children are orphans.  Many have lost their parents and family to AIDS and war.  They shared stories of living on the street, being orphaned and great poverty.  It was so neat to hear the hope that they had because of the ministry of Watoto in their practical needs and how they learned of Jesus Christ and salvation through Him alone.  For Cade and Ella it was the first time they had seen or heard of such need, and it touched their hearts in a way that has changed them.

Watoto has built villages where these children then are placed in home with a “mom” and 6 or so siblings of the same gender.  It is through a sponsorship program that these children are supported.  That night Cade chose a 14 year old girl for us to support.  Her name is Sharon.  I have been so impressed with this organization.  We have already received 4 or 5 letters from Sharon!  She is so appreciative, and the stable environment she has been given is giving her a real chance to succeed!

Here are some pictures that Cade and Ella recently colored for Sharon

"Cade I am six. Thanks for the letters"

"You for thank Sharon Ella" It was supposed to say, "Sharon, thank you for the letters".

If you’ve been thinking about donating or sponsoring a child, but haven’t been sure of a good organization, Watoto is a wonderful ministry to look into.

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