The Faith of a Four Year Old

by shara.anderson on May 25, 2012

Chris is the youth pastor at our church.  He and his wife have a heart for missions.  They have both gone on several mission trips and Chris makes it a priority for the youth he pastors as well.  What’s really neat though is how that passion has already been caught onto by their 4 year old, Caden.  What started as just a 4 year old commenting on the fact that some people in Africa don’t have a church to go to has now ended in thousands of dollars being raised to build several churches and a parsonage for a pastor.  The full story was in our local paper and can be read here (read it, it’s good).

Caden and his friend, Hannah, partner to build churches in Africa

What I have really pulled from all of this is the fact that Chris and Katie didn’t brush Caden’s idea aside when he persisted.  It would have been so easy to tell him to pray (which is GREAT) or have him throw a couple of coins in the offering plate (also good) and move on, but they assisted Caden and fanned the flame that was already burning in him.  This obviously took more time and effort on Chris and Katie’s part, but it also shows what they value.  They value the people in Africa.  They value God’s Word, and they value the faith of a little child in an Almighty God.

Is there something that God has called you to that you don’t feel qualified for?  That’s exactly the place that He can use you in.  He’s able to take the faith of a 4 year old (and other children who joined Caden) and build churches…He can use you too…if you’re willing.

Blessings to you as you step out in faith,

**Photograph taken by Lacey Scottum at Living Stones Photography.  You can check out her work at


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