The Apprentice Juggler

by shara.anderson on November 6, 2013

Once upon a time, in the days of my teenage years, I used to be a camp counselor.  One of my favorite stories to read to my campers before bed was “The Apprentice Juggler.”  I didn’t know it at the time but that story is actually part of a whole series of stories.  It’s part of an allegory for life, more specifically the spiritual side of life.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that part of our My Father’s World curriculum this year is reading Kingdom Tales by David and Karen Mains which has “The Apprentice Juggler” contained in its pages.

kingdom talesI read “The Apprentice Juggler” to Cade and Ella the other day.  It’s the story of one juggler who has a different inner count than any of his fellow jugglers.  He juggles with no trouble when he’s on his own, but when he juggles with others he is nervous that his inner count will screw up the entire show.

Right before the show that is to be performed at “The Great Celebration” in front of the King  someone tells the apprentice juggler to not be afraid of his own timing.  When the apprentice realizes that this advice came from the King himself he decides to heed the daring advice.  Lo and behold, the show is the most amazing juggling show that has ever occurred as the apprentice juggler follows his inner timing.  He finds out that he is in fact a juggling clown who amazes and thrills the crowd with the inner count required of a clown.

As we neared the end of the story I had tears in my eyes.  How many of us have worked so hard most of our lives to force ourselves to have the inner count of another.  We look at other moms and their families and try to pattern what we do after them.  It is fine to find great inspiration in others, but how many times have we been so frustrated that we cannot seem to get it together and BE someone else.  Dear friend, God made you you, and he doesn’t want you to be anyone else.  I asked Cade and Ella if they should try to be someone else, and we talked about how we are actually going against God’s plan for us if that’s what we are doing.  You will glorify God the most when you use YOUR gifts to their fullest for His purposes.  How much is the world missing out on because we are trying to be someone we are not.

One of the biggest prayers I have for my children is that they would learn what they are good at (their gifts) and then use them for God’s glory.  I don’t want them to become X when they grow up.  I want them to become what they were made to become.

Working to be someone you are not is a lie, and it is frustrating, time consuming and unsatisfying.

I’m working at appreciating and enjoying how God has created others in my life.   I hope to glean from them and be inspired by them.  I also am working on being who I am completely.  With God working through me may I bring Him glory.

Blessings to you as you become all that God made you to be,



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