Released from the Mold

by shara.anderson on June 11, 2013

2 years ago we used this curriculum for Art and it was really enjoyable.  The kids artwork as a result was really impressive to me.  The strategy for teaching your child to draw with this curriculum is that they need to know how to draw 5 basic components and then they can draw anything.  So, we learned how to draw a dot, circle, line, curve and an angle.

As we were moving through our lessons I learned something that has been curious to me.  It is not easy to find a straight line in nature.  As I had the kids point out things in the curved line family they could do that easily inside or out, but when we had to hunt for straight lines it wasn’t as outside.

Since then I have thought about the fact that people seem to like straight and uniform.  I went outside and took pictures.  Man made = straight and uniform (except our fire ring that was backed over 1 winter, but then we would call that damage:)).

van window ladder

(I even worked for awhile to make sure these pictures were the same height:)).

Then I went around and took pictures of God’s creation.

bleeding hearts petunia geranium Maple

I now notice that you can’t find two leaves exactly alike, and hardly ever, do you find something in nature truly uniform.  There are things that make each flower an individual.  Even if you have 2 petunias of the same color side by side you could study them for 2 minutes and you would be able to name them and tell them apart.

It makes me wonder how often I try to put myself or my kids or others into a mold that they were never intended to have.  You see, God doesn’t have molds…people do.  He created each one (flower, person, mountain) and He creates them differently ON PURPOSE.  It’s a good reminder when I compare my children or try to line myself up with another mom out there.  I’m not supposed to look and do exactly like them.  I’m supposed to look and do like God created me to look/do.

I’m going to work on allowing my kids to have their quirks and idiosyncrasies, and I’m going to work on allowing that for myself and others as well.

Blessings to your unmolded self,


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