Perception vs Reality

by shara.anderson on March 5, 2014

While roaming through Target to locate the perfect gift for Addie’s 4th birthday I encountered a lovely Play Doh ice cream maker.  The box made it look so easy and tidy and bright and fun!  This gift would surely breed hours of creativity, fun, cooperation, smiles and amazing confectionery delights!  Now, I’ve lived long enough to understand that marketers work hard to get perfect pictures of their product.  Do you ever look at the pictures on the wall of the fast food restaurant you are at?  The food looks NOTHING like what you are consuming, and we have even seen pictures of burgers being served on porcelain plates.  Yeah, I’ve never had my Mc-anything served on a plate!  It is a far cry from the greasy paper we were encountering at the time.

I understood that when Addie actually got going on making her ice cream it wouldn’t look quite like the box, but I was a bit surprised when it didn’t look ANYTHING like the box.

play doh

So, after “ooing” and “ahhing” over Addie’s creation, I swept (3 times exactly) and put a mixture of colored Play Doh into containers and tried to pull Play Doh from crevices with tools not provided.  I took a picture of Addie’s creation and then of the box.  Not even close!

I can’t help but draw the parallel that this is also my reality.  My perception of life with a husband and soon to be 5 children running around is far different from the day to day reality we live.  Life is messy, and I certainly don’t have all the answers.  I am far less than I want to be, and I am easily frustrated when things don’t come out looking anything like the box!  So, maybe it’s time to pitch the box, embrace grace for myself and my family and enjoy making a mess with them.  After all, Addie was not bothered with her creation.  She gave it to me happily, “This is for you, Mommy!”  I couldn’t have appreciated it anymore if it had been an exact replica of the sundae on the box.

Blessings to you as you pitch perception and accept reality,


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