Learning About Sin Through an 8 Month Old

by shara.anderson on July 8, 2013

You know how smells can just bring you back in time.  There is the smell of homemade bread, or Grandma’s famous cookies or your dad’s favorite cologne that just catapults you through time to a different season in life.  It is amazing how the mind works in such ways!

Then there are other smells that are just as powerful, though, not so pleasant .  This was my recent time travel experience back to when Sawyer was about 8 months old.

This is what happens when you leave your baby alone while you are on the computer…they take revenge!

Sawyer poop

Aw, isn’t he cute!  Oh wait…(I know you are wishing you could smell the room right through your computer screen).

Sawyer poop2

Yeah, every mom’s precious little baby!  GROSS!!

I had a LOT of time to think while I was cleaning this music seat with Q-tips and toothpicks and alcohol and figuring out how to disassemble every moving part, and it hit me how this is similar to us and our sin.  You see, Sawyer was absolutely DISGUSTING.  I’m not even sure how he achieved this mess.  He had poop all over him and needed a bath RIGHT NOW, but the fact that he had poop all over him, and I have no affection for poop, I still had NO less affection for Sawyer.  I just hated seeing him sitting unknowingly in the muck.  I wasn’t upset with him, I wasn’t even bewildered with him.  It was just gross, and I wanted to clean him up so I could once again hold my darling baby (and let’s be honest, so the mess would stop growing).  I didn’t expect him to clean himself up.  That would be a ridiculous expectation.  Never once did I think about discarding him (although I probably thought about the clothes) or even waiting until Kirk got home.

I thanked God for modern conveniences, like bathtubs, and for the mighty work of the cross the washes us white as snow!

I’m not sure how far this analogy can be applied, but I thought it to be somewhat amusing none the less.

Blessings to your (clean) family,


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