I Don’t Want “Good Kids”

by shara.anderson on November 11, 2012

It’s a scary time to be raising children.  It seems that there is so much out there just waiting to destroy them.  Between violence, abuse, sex outside of marriage and drugs there is a tendency to just want to take your kids to the nearest bomb shelter and lock them in.  I often hear prayer requests from loving, caring and concerned parents, that their children would be protected from these things.  Requests are raised for them to do what is right and stay away from all that is bad in this world.  It think that these are good and right requests…except for one thing…

I don’t want to have “good” kids.

HUH??  You don’t want good kids?

That’s right.  You see I want something much more for my children than just to be “good”.  What profit is a child or adult to a dying and hurting world if all they are is “good”.  May I propose that even though Satan is thrilled with destroying our youth he is probably not that disrupted by Christian kids who go around being “good” but affect no real change in anyone else or even themselves.  Our goal should not be to raise kids that merely stay out of trouble.  There is SO much more!!

Of course, I want my kids to avoid the pain and hurt and destruction that sin creates in ones life.  I pray for their protection from such things.  Even more than that though, I want them to be PASSIONATE about their Savior.  I want them to know what God has gifted them in for His purpose and the advancing in His kingdom.  I don’t want “good” kids.  I want kids with a vision for what God would have them do.  I want them eager for their mission to reach the world for Christ.  I want them to have compassion for those in need and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  You see, if our kids are passionate about those things they will follow their heart.  I’m afraid that we have “good” kids who get into trouble because they lack a vision and a passion.  They lack the adventure that Christ can bring to their life.  We get so preoccupied protecting our children that they are “good” and “safe” as well as “bored” and that is one way we leave them open to the temptations of this world.

Should we protect our kids?  For-sure!  Should we talk to them about the dangers of life?  We would be foolish not to.  Let’s not leave it there though.  Instead of just warnings, let’s help cast a vision for all that God may possibly have for our children.

After all, if they have Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord they have the Holy Spirit living within them and that, my friends, means that they are created to do so much more than just be “good”!!

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  ~Ephesians 2:10

Blessings to your children,

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