Homeschooling – Week 1 Review

by shara.anderson on August 23, 2012

I get excited about curriculum.  Cracking open new books and opening fresh packages that greet you with an exciting and promising year ahead.  I’ve been reading homeschooling/organization books this summer to encourage me with a refreshed perspective.  Overall, we’ve had a good first week.  We are trying to ease into our new schedule, but having some structure has been welcome for both me and the kids.

Homeschool in review ~ Week 1.

I let the kids choose their own outfits for their first day.  Cade was happy in his t-shirt and shorts where Ella went all out with a dress, tights, fancy shoes and requesting to have her hair curled.

Cade is almost 8.

Ella is 6 1/2.

Cade reading their new Bible out loud (from our My Father’s World curriculum).

Addie trying out her own activity with pipe cleaners and a strainer (why do we only have black pipe cleaners?…I have NO idea!).

Our afternoon bike ride/walk.

Addie helping out (check out the great shoe choice!!).

Our red, white and blue snack (we’re studying U.S. history this year).

We celebrated Sawyer’s 1st birthday (how is my baby already 1??).

We also celebrated Addie’s 3rd birthday!  (It has been a busy week.)  Happy Birthday, Spunky!

And just in case you have a silly notion that everything went off without a hitch this week…

Here’s some of what Addie caught Sawyer doing during History time.

And this is one of several time outs Addie had this week (she’s having a bit of adjustment to the new schedule).

Blessings on your school year,

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