Blanket Time

by shara.anderson on July 17, 2012

The first time I ever heard about something called “Blanket Time” was from my friend, Becky.  (You can hear Becky’s story about coming to have 14 children here.)  This little tip has been such a beneficial thing for our family!  It really can help what could be a stressful situation to be something much more pleasant for both you and your little one.

“Blanket Time” is training your infant/toddler to sit quietly with some toys on a blanket for up to 30 minutes.  Becky shares the specifics of how to train your child in the video below.

Here is Cade at 17 months on “Blanket Time”.

Ella was born when Cade was 16 1/2 months old so you can imagine what a “life saver” this was for me!

Here’s a link to Becky’s site where she talks a little more about blanket time.

I would love to hear if you implement something like this in your home!


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