Being Careful With Your Words

by shara.anderson on September 30, 2012

All of us could tell about something hurtful that someone said to us years or even decades ago.  It has seemed of late that the kids have been getting more flippant in how they use their words with each other, and I remembered something that I saw years ago that I thought may help.

It only requires a tube of toothpaste and a piece of lined paper.  (I was too cheap to use a large tube:)).

The kids had no idea what we were doing.  I just told them that Cade would go first and Ella second.  I gave Cade 10 seconds to squeeze out as much toothpaste on the lines as possible.

This obviously isn’t too difficult of a task.

Then I gave Ella 30 seconds (triple the amount of time) to get as much toothpaste back into the tube.

This was a LOT more difficult.

Then we talked about how our words coming out of our mouths is much like squeezing toothpaste from a tube.  It is impossible to put the toothpaste back, even if we’re sorry, and it creates a mess.  I also told the kids about how I had been hurt by things that others had said to me 20 some years ago when I was their ages.

We also talked about how words of kindness and encouragement stick with us as well.

This activity isn’t a magic cure, but hopefully it will help all of us to think about what we say before we say it.

Blessings to you,

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