Addie is More Important than Cheese!!

by shara.anderson on January 15, 2012

Many times when the kids are arguing about a toy or not being nice because of something, I will remind them, “Ella is more important than a car” or “Cade is more important than a quarter”.  I just try to emphasize that things will come and go, but that people are eternal.

So, Ella was helping me shred some cheese the other day.  (She is the one who loves to help in the kitchen).  Addie was having some trouble in the other room, and Ella left the kitchen to go help her.  When she came back she said, “Well, Addie is more important than cheese!”

Yes, Addie is more important than cheese ~ thanks for the reminder Ella:).

Sometimes I forget that the kids are more important than whatever I am currently engaged in.  Once again, I’m linking up to the “Gentleness Challenge” over at “Women Living Well”.  This week’s focus is on anger…it’s really good!  I hope that this is as encouraging and challenging for you as it has been for me.


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