Preschool Activities & Our First Week of School ~ 2013-2014

by shara.anderson on September 9, 2013

So, we have completed our first week of school.  We made it.  I will admit that I was a bit stressed about the first couple of days.  I feel like it sets such a precedent for the rest of the year that I wanted to be as prepared as possible.  Prepared with a toddler in the mix is like saying you are going to drink the ocean, but I tried.

My biggest challenge this year is figuring out how to have time for Cade and Ella while not having the house destroyed by a 2 and 4 year old.  You can see my “schedule” here.

Here are the players this year:

The Playersand…


Sawyer 2.jpg copy

Here are some of the preschool activities that preoccupied, and hopefully stimulated, the littles’ brains while I’ve been working with Cade and Ella.

My requirement for preschool activities is that they must be relatively easy to prepare, I like to have all or most things on hand (cheap is also a plus), and they should be engaging enough that the kids interact with the activity for more than 5 minutes.  Is there anything worse than preparing something for 20 minutes to have your child be done with it in 2??

Here are 8 Preschool Activities that we did this week.

1.  Bean Sorting:  1 bag of mixed bean and an ice cube tray and Wah-Lah, instant preschool activity!

Addie beans

…and then there was Sawyer…a broom was also used in this activity.

sawyer beans

2.  Cheerios Necklace:  Cheerios, yarn and tape for the end of the yarn.

Addie cheerios activity

“Look Mom!”

Addie Cheerios necklace

Sawyer even got into this!

sawyer cheerios activity

Until he got hungry…

sawyer eating cheerios activity

really hungry.

sawyer eating string

3. Abeka 4K Workbooks.  Addie colors in her book while we do our Bible time.  She was excited about having her own “school” books.  Really any coloring book or preschool book would work.

Addie Abeka K4 book

4. Letter Building.  Using items around the house Addie glues things to make the letter with something that starts with that letter (B = Beans).

ABC tracing

A = Animal crackers.  Ella is in charge of coming up with the items Addie glues on.

ABC tracing2

5.  Popsicle Stick People.    We did have to purchase these for preschool activities, but they were worth every penny!  Not only did Addie color her people and then do a puppet show for me, but Cade and Ella spent much of their afternoon free time making their own and putting on another puppet show.

Addie popsicle people

Addie was proud of her creations.

Addie popsicle people2

6.  iPad apps.  There are so many great apps for kids.  The one in this picture is actually what Cade and Ella use for their math drill, but Letter School is a great app for preschoolers that helps them learn to form their letters correctly.

Addie math app

7.  Golf Tees in Foam.  All you need is a hammer, a piece of foam (you can purchase this from any craft store) and golf tees.  There are actually a couple of other activities that I will have Addie use the golf tees and foam for.

Golf Tees in Foam

8.  Straws and Pipe Cleaners.  Addie cut colored straws into various sizes and then threaded them onto pipe cleaners to make necklaces and bracelets.

Addie preschool

I’m always interested to hear about great preschool activities so send them my way!

Blessings on your year,


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