Marathon Training & Homeschooling

by shara.anderson on June 19, 2012

I run…sometimes…slowly.

I’ve run a few races…slowly.

Shara Race

(My ever supportive husband taking a picture of me before a race.)

Whenever it comes up that I’ve run 2 half-marathons (not that this comes up much…HA!), the response I get from people who don’t run is, “I could never do that!!

I am here to tell you…you can!!  Unless there is some REAL medical condition keeping people from running, a vast majority of  the people who tell me they “never could”, in fact, very much could.  They maybe couldn’t today, I couldn’t today:).  But they could in 6 months (and usually much sooner).  You start one step at a time and train.  I started with a novice schedule.  It assumed I could run 2 miles.  If you can’t yet run 2 miles start with running one block.  Then 2 tomorrow.  You can, it just takes persistence and time.

Now, this post really isn’t about running…really.  It is really about homeschooling.

You see, as soon as someone finds out I homeschool the next statement I hear many times is, “I could never do that!”.

Wait a second!  I’ve heard that somewhere before!

Now, I’m not saying that everyone wants to or should homeschool.  I’m just saying that if you feel called to or would like to, you could.

What I’m hearing from moms is that they don’t think they could teach their own child because of personality conflicts or a lack of confidence in their own teaching ability.  I’m here to tell you, you could!!  You pursue it by taking one step at a time.  Learn more, go to a workshop, read a book, talk to other homeschool families.  Find out if you really want to or should.  Then take the next progressive step.  Most importantly, bathe the whole thing in prayer.

From a public school teacher perspective (I am licensed in Minnesota for K-6), I want to encourage those of  you who may not have a degree in education.  There is nothing magical about having taken classes and graduating with an education degree.  Some of those things are helpful, but you can learn those helpful things and probably already know many of those things instinctively.  You don’t have to worry about all of those classes on classroom management and dealing with 25-30 students at a time.  You don’t need to know how to communicate with parents and handle conferences.  You don’t need to know the laws of how to restrain a child if need be.  You don’t need to learn about report card software etc.  There is so much in an education degree that is important for a public school teacher that is simply not applicable to a homeschool parent.  Don’t be misled that you need a degree to teach your child and teach them well!!

You love and know your child, you will have a way smaller teacher/student ratio and that right there has HUGE ramifications to the success of your child.

Will you have challenges?  For-sure.  Will you be forced to work through those personality or discipline issues that arise?  Yes, but both you and your child will be better for it if you seek the Holy Spirit and how He would have you deal through those things.  Don’t shy away from homeschooling just because you think you can’t.  There are lots of reasons that parents chose public, private or home education.  Don’t let fear or the idea you can’t be a factor in any of those choices.

Shara at the Finish Line

See you at the finish line!  The ambulance wasn’t even for me!  HA!!

Blessings to you as you pursue exactly what God is calling you to,

Beholding Glory
The Alabaster Jar

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