Making a Schedule

by shara.anderson on August 20, 2013

It’s that time of year.  School supplies have been out in the stores for quite a while and some of you have already started school.   Sorry, not us, we only have summer for 15 days in the Midwest:).  We take advantage of every summer day we can.

It is time to get out the scheduling stuff and look over the curriculum for the year though.

Every year I pull out the book, Managers of Their Homes, and begin to organize how I hope things will flow for the year.  Mind you, things NEVER go as I initially plan before the year starts, but it helps me get organized in my head and gives us a general flow.  It helps me figure out our order, but we don’t follow time slots especially with 2 littles in the mix.


Here is what we are using for curriculum this year.

For our base curriculum including history and Bible:   My Father’s World:  Exploring Countries and Cultures.  We have used My Father’s World for 3 years now and really like it!  We did US history last year and we are doing an overview of various countries this year.  The package includes our read alouds, maps, consumable worksheets, art, science and music curriculum, and a wonderful list of books for each week that we reserve from the library.  I find the recommended reading list to be a HUGE resource that lets us go in so many different directions.

Math:  Math U SeeI like that it is a mastery math program as I personally did not like the spiral curricula that I used while teaching in the classroom.

English: Primary Language Lessons, by Emma Serl.

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears.  

Spelling:  I print off free lists from the internet and we do our own thing for spelling.

Spanish:  Rosetta Stone

So, here is our schedule that I have thus far.  I hesitate to even show you our schedule.  I would hate for you to actually get the illusion that any day in our house would EVER look like this!  So, don’t be surprised when you stop by at 10:30AM to find us jumping on the trampoline.  I don’t even usually look at the clock much.  This is just a springboard and because we homeschool I try to not be rigid, and if the kids are really into something we run with it.  Actually, it is scheduling the 2 littles that is the most helpful for me.  I also don’t want to give the impression that the kids are sitting with a pencil and workbook in each subject.  My Father’s World has so many great activities and we read books…A LOT!

2012-2014 Schedule copy

As you can see we are usually done with school before lunch.  I have told the kids that this year there may be times that we have to finish things up after lunch, but the beauty of homeschooling and our small teacher to student ratio is that we can get questions answered in a hurry.  We don’t have lines to stand in and bathroom breaks are quick.  I love that my kids get so much free time and it isn’t unusual that free time takes on imaginative play about something we were learning about earlier in the day.  I also love that our meal times, ipad time and silent reading time can all be incorporated into what we are learning (not that it always is, by any means).

I would love to hear about your schedule and the curriculum you use.

Blessings on your year!




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