Homeschooling – Week 4 Review

by shara.anderson on September 13, 2012

Week 4!!!  WOW!  We’ve been at this for almost a month.  This year is going to fly by!

We are really enjoying Adventures in My Father’s World.  Ella is already excited about making a Pocahontas costume in the future!  I love how many living books we are being exposed to.

Here are books we are loving this week:

This book comes with the Adventures in My Father’s World Deluxe package.

Everyday the kids are begging to read another chapter in Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims.  This is in story format and the book is very balanced in showing the good and the evil of individuals instead of saying “the white men were bad” or “all Indians were savages”.

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can take off with a topic that the kids are really into.  Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey, which we got at the library, is great for introducing constellations.  It actually teaches the kids how to find them in the sky.  This fits very well with the MFW curriculum because we went out to actually look at constellations one night and the kids knew what they were looking for when we did!  It explains the brightness grades of different stars and has the kids practice seeing the constellation first with lines and then without.

My favorite part is that it has examples of what the sky looks like at different times of the year facing both north and south.  This makes it pretty much fool proof…and I need that.

Here are some constellations the kids made on paper.  All you need is construction paper, a white crayon and star stickers.  I let the kids pick 2 constellations they wanted to do.

Cade working on The Big Dipper.

The Dragon.

Then we tried something that I saw via Pinterest that worked out great!

We cut out cardboard squares from a cracker box and punched holes for each star in a constellation and connected the dots.  You will need a hole punch that will reach into the middle of the cardboard.  For you scrapbookers out there, a Crop A Dile Big Bite worked great.

Then we got out the flashlight and…

Ta-Dah!  Constellations any time of day!

We also made wigwams and teepees.  For the record, teepees are FAR easier to make!!

The wigwam shell.  This part was fairly straightforward and simple.

Adding the torn pieces was a bit trickier.  At the beginning it wasn’t bad, but you really should leave the first layer dry before you move to the next.  A friend of mine pointed out that thinner paper for covering the frame would make it far easier.  I’m sure this would be a good paper mache candidate too.

Like I said, teepees were much easier.  Trace a circle on paper.  Cut out the circle and cut the circle in half.

Roll one half up like a cone leaving a hole on top for smoke.  Staple.

Then the kids had a ball using watercolors to paint the teepees.  I think my favorite part about this curriculum is that my kids are usually working on the same things.

Then we pulled out the Lincoln Logs and made a Jamestown fort.  You’ll have to envision that the army guys are English settlers and Indians:).

Ella wasn’t interested in using army men as it was not accurate.  So, here’s Squanto with his bow and arrow.

And sailing on a ship to London.

And entering the teepee.

Don’t forget that wigwam they worked so hard on.

Our memory verse is about Jesus being the light of the world.  We made these candles.  The salt was messy and not amazing, but it was easy and we lit them at meal time, and it helped reiterate what we’ve talked about with light vs darkness.

Then there’s Sawyer who is working on “Blankie Time“.  He’s up to 12 minutes now.  This is a great thing to try out if you have a tiny tot at home!

What’s working for you this week?

Blessing to you,

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