Homeschooling – Week 29 in Review

by shara.anderson on April 8, 2013

I recently ordered our curriculum for next year.  We are getting My Father’s World again which confirms how much we have liked it this year so far.  Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

We finally got to crack open the magnet kit that comes in the “My Father’s World” deluxe package.  My kids have asked several times to be able to open it so they were really excited when I told them it was time.  There was some wisdom with the curriculum writers putting this at the end of the year:).


This was our first experiment and really simple, but the kids thought this was really neat.  You are supposed to float that foam circle and then the magnet on top of water.  After several tries I concluded this was IMPOSSIBLE.  I remembered that salt in water makes it more dense, hence, making things float easier, so I put the equivalent of 2-3 Tablespoons in the water and WAH-LAH…the circle did float.  Then the kids watched as the north pole of the magnet did, most definitely, turn north.  Cade was ecstatic!  I love when science experiments actually work AND it clicks with my kiddos!


Our current read aloud book is Mountain Born by Elizabeth  Yates.  The vocabulary is definitely more difficult than the Little House books we just finished.  The kids are enjoying it though, and MFW does a great job of connecting this book with our current Bible theme of “The Lord is my Shepherd”.  We have also been reading the Psalms and learning a little bit more about David.


Addie is all about doing “school”.  It is a bit tricky as she is only 3 1/2 and needs help at every step.  She recently found Ten Apples Up on Top!, by Theo LeSieg, on one of our bookshelves, and I remember using this book in the public classroom and some of the fun activities it lends itself to.  This is also a great book for Ella to read to Addie as it is at her level.


So, I drew a face for Addie and put on some orange/red hair.  She drew her eyes, nose and mouth.  I know that the nose looks a little “pig-like”, but I was so proud of her as her drawing skills are just emerging.


Then we worked on numbering (she traced over my writing) and gluing our apples “up on top”.


She was so proud of her finished product!


Cade and Ella saw Addie drawing a self-portrait and they asked if they could do one too.  Then it came to me,  “Sure, but Cade, you will do a double digit multiplication problem, and Ella, you will do addition with regrouping for your apples.”  It really couldn’t have worked out better.  So Cade did 15 x 13 for his multiplication problem and set off drawing his 195 apples.


Glasses and all:)!


Ella did 15 + 26 to get her 41 apples which she insisted she wanted to draw and cut each out individually.


All of our apples up on top (it’s too bad that Addie’s face turned out so pale.  I would have her do markers next time).


Addie was having so much fun that we did macaroni, jelly beans, colored macaroni and white chocolate chips on top.  (Don’t you love her faces:)).


And Sawyer, well, he was chewing on the foot of his jammies:),

Blessings to your family,


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