Homeschooling – Week 2 Review

by shara.anderson on August 30, 2012

I am happy to report that we are getting into the swing of our regular routine.  Thus far, we have really been enjoying My Father’s World.

With Kirk being self employed there are many mornings that we get to eat with him, and here is one of several group hugs that happened this week before he left.

Usually this is followed by everyone running to the window to wave goodbye.

For science this week we are learning about the scientific method and how to perform experiments to answer a question.

Here is Ella adding salt to a glass of water.

Ella adding some more.

What happens when an egg is put in fresh water?  What happens in salt water?  Then we decided to try to see how many teaspoons of salt it would take before the egg in the fresh water glass would begin to float.

The other thing we’ve been learning about is how air is all around us.

How far can you blow your cotton ball?

One thing that I love about this curriculum is that there are so many things that Addie can join in on.  There are still many times that she is doing something else, but I was struck when I was looking through the pictures that she is actively involved quite a bit.

Blowing a marshmallow is a bit harder.

Adventures in My Father’s World covers U.S. history so we have been learning about the Vikings and this week we started learning about Christopher Columbus.

Here is the Pinta and the Santa Maria (actually made by my nephew, Payton, when he slept over).

You can’t forget the Niña.

Then we went to sail our ships.

Yes, they sailed in the bathtub complete with army guys (not exactly accurate).  I am sad to report that there were a couple shipwrecks.

We are usually done with “school” by lunchtime with quiet time and our walk after lunch.  This leaves the kids with a fair amount of free-time. I think free-time is absolutely vital at this age!!  This is some of what free-time involved this week:).

Don’t ask…I’m really not sure.

One last unrelated thing…

Can I just say that it blesses my heart when I come around the corner to see Kirk putting curlers in Addie’s hair “just because she asked“.

Can I also say that even though it hasn’t been the easiest week between Kirk and I, that it blesses my heart when I came back after a walk and this is what was prepared for me??  Thanks, Hun!!

Blessings to your family,



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