Homeschool Planning

by shara.anderson on August 18, 2012

Today Kirk got up before I did and had pancakes and eggs all ready for us for breakfast…thanks, Hun!  Then he had us hop in the car and we went to Interstate Park to go hiking which is only 10 minutes from where we live.

As we were driving into the park I let Kirk know that it was only the 2nd time this summer that we have used our annual pass for the park.  People travel hours to come to this area to hike, camp, climb and sight-see.  Some make a point to plan and make it to our area.  We have found that many years, if we don’t plan things out, we don’t enjoy what is right in our “backyard”.

This is at Interstate Park along the St. Croix River that makes the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

I have been reading this summer in preparation for our school year.  I’m looking for some direction, but even more I’m looking for motivation.  You see, I have found that if I don’t plan things out life will happen to us and all the good intentions that I had will never come to fruition this school year.

So, here is some of what I have been reading this summer:

I LOVE Educating the Wholehearted Child!!  If there was one book that I would recommend to people starting out with homeschooling or those contemplating it, this would be it!  I have really enjoyed anything by Clay and Sally Clarkson, but this book gives you clear focus and direction as well as a great overview of the different styles of homeschooling as well as the history behind all types of schooling.  I really love their hearts, and it has been so good to re-focus on what we are doing in our home and be motivated to truly love our children and to train, guide and educate them out of that love.

The second book I got from the library because I had heard about it from a couple of other homeschool moms.  I laugh about the title as I only have 4 children, but I guess that is classified as “large” by some standards.

Large Family Logistics was a bit intimidating when I picked it up.  It’s a large book, and I thought I would never have time to read it before school started and how exciting can a book about logistics be??  I was pleasantly surprised on both notes though.  The book is written with brief chapters that can stand alone so even though I did read the entire thing it can be used simply as a reference resource.  There were a lot of great tips and strategies.  There were some things that just wouldn’t be our style or were hokey to me, but there was much more that was really helpful and got me thinking more creatively.  This was another book that is reviving the thoughts in me that the kids aren’t in the way, but they are the reason I’m home and every task I’m doing is an opportunity to teach and train and build a relationship with my kids.  Instead of an irritation I can even enjoy helping them clean up a spill or correct them knowing that it is a gift; an opportunity.

Kirk and I also sat down and wrote out our goals in multiple areas of our lives the other night.  I would encourage you to do this.  All it takes is a piece of paper and a pen and a little time.  Along with goals I have been reviewing my personal mission statement which you can find here and here.

Blessings on your school year,

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