Hand Contrast Art Project

by shara.anderson on December 16, 2013

This year our art curriculum has not been inspiring to me.  Call me crazy, but remelting perfectly good soap to make it into new shapes just isn’t my idea of art.  If I’m going to make a mess and encourage the kids to make a mess I would prefer it be for something a little more meaningful.  So, this week I jumped onto the ever guilt-inducing Pinterest and found a lot of ideas that I’m excited about.  I ended up on this website that showed the idea for the project we did today.

Last night we worked on these fun hand contrast pictures and then finished them up this morning.

hand contrast

Ella couldn’t find her picture, but this is Cade’s.  (Ella’s was really fun, so I was bummed…how do you lose such a thing in a couple of hours?)

tracing hands

Addie was not going to be left out.  We started out by tracing our hands, with a pencil, including our arm off the page.


Then the kids chose a geometric shape to draw between their thumb and forefinger.  Cade chose a triangle and Ella a star.  I encouraged them not to do a square or circle.  Then they chose between making concentric circles or squares around their shape.  The circles (or squares) went across their hand and kept going until there was no more room on the page.  Then I had them trace their lines with a permanent black marker.

addie hand tracing

My intention was for Addie to have something else to do, but she was determined to join in and not be outdone.

We talked about “warm” colors and “cool colors”.  We determined that the hand would be cool colors (blue, purple, green), and that the circles would be warm colors (yellow, red, orange).

hand contrast

Here was the final product.  This was a great thing for them to work on while I read aloud.

addie hand contrast

Here is Addie’s final product.  I was so impressed with her and how she stuck with it to the end.  Beyond having some help remembering what color was next this is truly her project from beginning to end.

Blessings to you,




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