Alpha Phonics

by shara.anderson on September 9, 2012

There is SO much curriculum out there!!  If you’ve ever gone to a homeschool store or convention it can be completely overwhelming!  You can find yourself purchasing things you never intended to or things that you really didn’t need, and the worst is when you find you have stuff you will never use.

There is a tendency to feel like you are cheating your children if you don’t have the newest or most advanced curriculum out there.  Yet, I have found there is really “nothing new under the sun”.  Even when I was teaching in the public school system it seemed like there would be a movement to try something trendy and new until it drove teachers and students (not to mention parents) nuts, and then the next time curriculum was purchased it was back to the basics.

One book that can be helpful when starting out and trying to figure out where to navigate the homeschool curriculum maze is Cathy Duffy’s 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.

I have had the opportunity to use a curriculum recommended in Cathy Duffy’s book called Alpha Phonics.  It is not flashy or trendy, but it works.  It is basic, it is easy to use and it is straight forward.  Cade took off with reading immediately and with Ella we have found that we are needing to be more intentional and methodical and Alpha Phonics has fit the bill.

One of the reasons this is working so well for Ella is that the lessons are short and she is finding success each day.

The first year we attended Minnesota’s homeschool conference (MACHE) we had a speaker, who owns a local homeschool bookstore, say that Alpha Phonics is what they recommend to parents of non & emerging readers.

The best part is the price.  You get the curriculum on CD AND the book for $35. 

You can spend hundreds of dollars on phonics programs that are huge amounts of preparation for the parent and overwhelming for the child.  This is easy to use, budget friendly, straight forward for your child, and effective.

You can find out more about Alpha Phonics by clicking here.

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