Resurrection Rolls for Easter

by shara.anderson on April 3, 2012

Finding ways to celebrate Easter is always fun.  This activity is one thing that the kids really like doing, and for younger kids it can really make it real that Jesus is not in a tomb anymore.

All you need is marshmallows, melted butter, a cinnamon sugar mix and a tube of crescent rolls.

The marshmallow represents Jesus (we talked about white representing his purity).  The butter and cinnamon/sugar mix represents the oil and spices that covered Jesus body after his death.  The crescent rolls are the tomb.

Roll the marshmallow in butter.

Then roll it in the cinnamon/sugar mix.

Place the marshmallow on the open crescent roll.

Then wrap the roll around the marshmallow.

Make sure you seal the seams well.

Then put your tombs on a cookie sheet (I always forget to put some aluminum foil down…but I would recommend doing that).

Bake according to the package directions…and then open your tomb.

This is the part that the littlest kiddos are always so amazed at…”Where did Jesus go?”.  What a great opportunity to share with them that “He has risen, indeed!”.

And Sawyer, well, he was busy playing on the floor.

We did this activity last year too.  It’s here.

Blessings to your family this Easter!

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