Homeschooling – Week 5 Review – Fun Fall Activity

by shara.anderson on October 5, 2012

Life has been busy around here so I’m just getting to our week 5 review even though we are almost done with week 7.  Having family visit, celebrating birthdays and connecting with friends are all great reasons not to be blogging:).

We strayed a bit from the My Father’s World curriculum this week to fit in some “fallish” activities.

We read From Seed to Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer.  The book goes through exactly what you think…the life of a pumpkin from a seed until it becomes a jack-o-lantern.

Then we made our own “From Seed to Pumpkin”.

Here’s what we started with:

Green Yarn

Yellow Tissue Paper

1 White or brown paper bag (lunch size)

Green, Yellow and White construction paper

2 brads (not pictured)

Orange and Green Paint (not pictured)

Newspaper (not pictured)

Black construction paper or black permanent marker (not pictured)

Here’s what you do:

Cut a 3′-4′ piece of yarn and lay it out flat.

Fold a piece of white paper in half and have your child cut out a seed 1″-2″ in length.  You should have 2 to glue together with the vine (yarn) in between.

Then fold a small piece of green paper in half and have your child cut out something that looks like the letter “P” to make a seedling.  Use your hole punch and thread the yarn through the hole.

Next is the tissue paper flower.

All you need in a 4″ square of tissue paper.  Grab it in the middle and help your child tie it onto the vine.

Then have your child cut out a 3″-4″ pumpkin out of green paper.  Hole punch the stem and thread the yarn through.

Next is the fun part.

Take one full piece of construction paper and cut it into 8 or 9 – 1″ strips (they don’t need to be perfect).  Then put a brad through all nine strips of paper about 1/2″ from the top.  We have a smaller sized hole punch so we used that, but you can just shove the brad through each paper too.  While the strips of paper are still flat put the other brad through all the pieces of paper 1/2″ from the bottom.  Once both brads are in place carefully begin to pull out the strips one at a time until you have a circular pumpkin.  Add a stem and wind the vine around the top.

Next have the kids paint or color their paper bag (we used a cotton ball and tempra paint).  Whistling makes this even better:).  Let them dry completely.  Then we used a permanent marker to make the face of the Jack-O-Lantern.  Next, fill the bag with crumpled newspaper.  Then tie the vine on the top of the paper bag.


Blessings to you this Fall,



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