Gingerbread House

by shara.anderson on December 7, 2012

I just posted about some of our traditions here.  One of our traditions is to make a gingerbread house each Christmas.  We actually started doing this during the time I was nannying, and I wanted something fun that all of the kids could participate in at all their varying ages.  It has turned out to be the perfect thing for all ages.  It’s fun, it’s sweet, it lends itself to creativity, AND I’m not one bit concerned about the end result.  My only expectation is for the house to stay standing:).

This year we read the book, Whose House is it Anyway? by Carol Hadrits, which was fun and gave some additional inspiration.

Here are the gingerbread house pieces that we made.  I HIGHLY recommend doing the gingerbread before the day you plan to assemble your house.  Making the gingerbread is a bit time consuming.  You can make it up to a month beforehand and freeze it.  I’m not usually that ahead of things.  We usually make it the day before.  The recipe that I use for both the gingerbread and the icing cement is here under #4.  The template is there also.  This is a really basic house and you can get a lot more involved, but for us,right now, it is perfect.

Using this icing cement recipe I have never had problems with holding the house together except for one time when I didn’t mix the ingredients long enough.  Otherwise, this stuff is amazing and easy to make.  We made 3 batches for this house.  You can probably get away with 2, but you’ll see that I use a lot when I assemble the house itself.

See, a LOT of icing for the house.  You’ll notice the white piece that the house is on.  All that is is a piece of sturdy cardboard wrapped in parchment paper.  My kids like to get creative with the yard and extras so I make this a decent size.

We are getting ready to put the roof on.

Ta-Da!!  All ready to decorate.  Assembling the house doesn’t take long.  Usually it is about 10 minutes.

Here’s some of what we used this year to decorate.

In previous years we’ve done shingles out of Hershey bars, but we decided to try Nilla Wafers this year.

I thought the roof turned out cute.  Here is Addie adding gum drops to the top while Cade and Ella work on the shingles on the other side.

Here is the finished product.  Well, almost.  If you look carefully you’ll see that this was while we were still trying to get the mailbox to stay standing.  I loved Ella’s addition of a skating pond complete with a bench, and Cade made the sidewalk.  The pretzel trees were a bit of a trick to get to stand, but they are cute.

Blessings to your family,

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