Fall Fun

by shara.anderson on November 9, 2012

It’s not uncommon for us to have at least some snow on November 9th here in Wisconsin.  We have had 1 day that there were some flakes falling, but there hasn’t been any accumulation for us thus far.  We are not worried though…those of us in the upper mid-west always know it’s on its way sooner or later.

I thought it might be a great time to enjoy some “Fall Fun” (even though our leaves have been gone for some time now).

A little jumping in the leaves.

He’s “safe”!

Some beautiful fall colors on our maple tree.

Intense pumpkin carving.

You know it’s very focused when you have to stick out your tongue to concentrate.

Even Addie got in on the fun with Dad’s help.  The best part was that we successfully grew our own pumpkins this year:).

Cade and his buddy, Gideon, enjoying their last flag football event, “under the lights,” on the varsity field.

And, of course some costume fun!  Being Halloween landed on a Wednesday the kids got an AWANA buck if they dressed like a Bible character.  Cade wasn’t going to let that opportunity slide.  So, he decided to be Jesus.  Addie was an angel (that may be a bit ironic).  Ella, was so excited about Pocahontas when we learned about her in September, that she was determined to dress like her, AWANA buck or not.

Blessings to your “Fall Fun”,

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