Saying Goodbye

by shara.anderson on January 10, 2012

This Friday we will be saying good-bye to some very dear friends.  They are moving across the country.

We’ve lived life together.

When we met they had 1 child, and we had none.  Now we have 9 children between our two families (that’s a little lot crazy!!).

These are the friends that you can literally drop in on anytime!

We’ve prayed together for children, the healing of cancer, wisdom, direction, and all kinds of life change.

We’ve watched God answer those prayers…repeatedly.

We’ve done Bible studies and watched “Amazing Race” together.

For me, this has been the friendship that has helped me grow because Kristen was so grace-filled that I could be real about who I was…and find healing.

We’ve eaten hundreds of meals together.

We’ve roasted quite a few marshmallows over our campsite bonfires.

We are already planning our 18 hour trek across the country.

You will be so missed!

God bless your family as God brings you to the next chapter in your life!!  We love you!

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