Painting on Other People’s Walls

by shara.anderson on January 22, 2012

As our good friends were preparing to move they had a “painting party” to prepare their house to be put on the market.  We were asked to bring any painting supplies we had.  I was in the basement grabbing brushes and rollers and pans.  It briefly crossed my mind that it was too bad that I have all kinds of paint sitting there, but it wouldn’t do my friends any good.

I got to thinking about that a little more and thought how it would actually be pretty obnoxious for me to bring my own paint and “touch-up” their walls with my paint.  Have you ever touched up your walls with a color that seems to match…only to come back in the sunlight and see that it doesn’t match at all.  It’s much worse than the marks on the wall that you were trying to cover in the first place.

Then I got to thinking of all the times that I’ve brought my own “paint” (advice) into others’ situations and have tried to “touch-up” their “walls” with my color paint.  The paint maybe works in my house, but it doesn’t match their situation.  Obviously, there are Biblical absolutes that remain true in ALL situations because our Creator has put those truths in place, but in gray areas I need to remember to be careful.

Just a thought…

I’m also linking to the “Gentleness Challenge” again over at Women Living Well.  It’s really good this week!!  I find that I can really use these reminders to be gentler with my kids (and husband).  I’m really going to try to work to “praise 10 times more than correct”.  WOW!!  That will definitely be a challenge for me!

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