God is THE Healer

by shara.anderson on March 19, 2013

We love our church.  We love our small group that is a part of our church.  We started with this small group around 10 years ago when we first came to live in Wisconsin.  We were together for several years and then Kirk and I took 3 or so years off (but remained connected with our friends) so we could teach some financial classes among other things.

In God’s providence, He saw to put us back together with this small group a little over a year ago.  I am confident that this was no coincidence.  Something had changed in Kirk and I and in others in the small group while we were away.  All of us had grown in our faith, and we had a hunger that wasn’t as strong before.  Some of our times together turned into more of a prayer meeting rather than just “small group time”.  Kirk and I found ourselves many nights staying up way too late just praying and praising God.  He was doing something in our hearts.  He IS doing something in our hearts.  During this time Kirk and I were listening to Jim Cymbala sermons online.  Jim mentioned a “book” called, The Kneeling Christian, that was really influential to him early on.  Kirk went online and found that 57 page PDF for free.  We both devoured the book.  It is basic and yet powerful.  It was and is transformational.

Then, in January of 2013 one of the precious women in our group was diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer is ominous enough, but this was stage 4 melanoma The outlook wasn’t good.  Pam is the mother of 3 beautiful children ages 15, 11 and 8 and the wife to a wonderful man.

We met and we prayed.  We prayed to a God who hears and cares and is all-powerful.  We prayed for her complete healing.  Pam had a peace from God from the very first time I saw her.  She was able to get into Mayo clinic quickly (another answer to prayer) and her doctor didn’t give her much hope.  Yet, Pam was bold and told him that God would heal her.  We prayed corporately and individually.  The women met and prayed.  The men met and prayed.  The elders prayed over her.  Whenever we were together we prayed for Jesus to heal her.

Two months later Pam’s PET scan that had previously showed cancer all over was completely clear.  NO cancer.  We have witnessed a miracle!!  If we don’t proclaim the glory of our God the rocks will cry out!!

Here is Pam’s testimony in her own words that she gave at our church this past Sunday.

Here is Pam’s complete story of this journey on CaringBridge.

Pam’s Story

Here is a link to The Kneeling Christian.

Let me just say that where ever you have been, whatever you do or don’t do, however close to God you feel or don’t feel, He has a plan for You.  He will not impose on you, but He does extend His hand with a life that could never compare!  His Word is the truth whether you choose to believe it or not.  His promises are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Glory to God and His Healing of Pam!




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