The Last 36 Hours

by shara.anderson on June 2, 2012

It has been less than 30 minutes since our visitors have left.  They were here for less that 36 hours, but they left us with so much.  We were supposed to be here to bless them, but they blessed us.  We will probably never see each other again on this earth, but it makes me long for Heaven and being with our sisters and brothers in Christ.

If you don’t know what Watoto is I posted about it here and here.  Or, you can go directly to their website here.  It’s a wonderful organization!

Our church had the honor to have the Watoto Choir for 2 concerts this year, and we had the privilege of hosting 2 of the children (Ronald and Justin) and their sponsor (“Uncle” Duncan) at our home those 2 nights.

We walked and learned from them.  I asked Duncan what usually surprised the Watoto kids the most when they get to the United States.  The first thing he told me was the food.  The kids are shocked that we eat salad.  “They eat leaves!”

“Uncle” Duncan shared about Watoto and life in Uganda, Africa.  He told us how God called him to serve at Watoto.  The Choir trains and practices for 5 months before they come and tour for 6 months on another continent (He’s been in Europe and Asia as well).  They do 8 concerts a week and usually all 8 concerts are at a different church requiring them to constantly be on the road and staying at a new place each night.  We had the rare privilege of having them for 2 nights in our home.

The kids became friends quickly.

Ronald and Cade

Addie and Justin

Duncan and a not very happy Sawyer.

They had school time which they do every weekday.

They were the most pleasant and respectful children.  I have never heard “thank-you” so much in my life!  They are grateful for everything they receive!

This is Justin tracing Addie’s hand on our Magna Doodle.

Here’s one picture from the concert the first night.  Justin and Ronald are on the far right.

This  morning they left.  They were excited to have a little break today and be able to go to the Mall of America and the Waterpark of America.  We’ll miss them.

Visit the Watoto Website.  You can sponsor a child right from their site.

Blessings to you,

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