Silly Notion

by shara.anderson on April 9, 2013

I had this silly notion (who knows why?), that when I would be a, full-time, stay-at-home mom, that keeping the house clean and organized would be easy.  I know, I know…

Laundry-on-the-couchMy couch is often a state of modern art with our clean laundry.


4 precious cherubs and a dog later (not to mention a husband:)), I realize that this was some fairytale I picked up somewhere.  I love toddler-hood.  I really do!  They are so cute and fun at this age, and every time they do something new it melts your heart, but it is also the time when they can somehow tear out way more and way faster than one adult ever could.  It almost seems scientifically impossible to me what Sawyer can do in a tiny, albeit quiet, time frame.

Messy-RoomBelieve me, none of this had to be staged.


This is where my silly notion has come head to head with reality, and I need to make a decision.  It’s an ongoing decision.  How much chaos do I accept and how much do I need to figure out how to deal with things more efficiently?  I’ve only come to 1 conclusion.  If I am treating my kids poorly than something is wrong…isn’t that helpful?  Am I treating my children in an unloving way to keep the house in order?  Then I’ve most likely prioritized order.  Are my kids becoming more crazy because of the chaos and learning poor habits?  Then the chaos is probably taking over.  I have yet to have a clear cut answer as to how all of this works.  We do still have our chore charts, and those work well when I make sure we follow through.  Day chores are another thing that have really made life easier (again, when I implement them).

Above all, I don’t want my desire to have the house like something I saw on Pinterest to become an idol any more than not following through and letting chaos reign.

Happy medium, where are you??

sweet-SawyerHere’s my happy toddler even if a happy medium seems elusive!


Blessings to your home and enjoying your kids among mild chaos,




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