Prayer Jar

by shara.anderson on February 20, 2012

I don’t know where I first read about the “prayer jar” idea, but it is something that we used to do when the kids were quite a bit younger.

We want a way for our family to pray specifically for people in our lives, but sometimes it feels overwhelming as there are so many people.  So, we are once again bringing out our “prayer jar”.

We just went through and listed every person within our immediate and extended family and friends as well as major leaders in our church and country.  Then we put their names on some tickets that I had from when I was teaching elementary school and put them in a jar.  Every night we pick a ticket out and pray for that person.  When we get through all the tickets we’ll stick them back in the jar and do it all again.

What do you do to pray for the people in your life?

Blessings to your family,



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