March Forth…or is that Fourth?

by shara.anderson on March 5, 2012

I know, it’s really March fifth, but I told the kids that we were going to pretend that today was March 4th because yesterday was Sunday, and we don’t have school on Sundays:).

A long while back I read an article in a Family Fun magazine.  This article was from a mom who set March Fourth as their goal setting day to “March Forth” into the next year.  So, today we did a little activity to “March Forth” (fifth).

We painted feet (this brought many giggles)…

and marched on paper.

Then the kids set to work writing and drawing their “goals” for the next year.

Here’s Cade’s poster…

…and Ella’s.  (Ella actually put her feet on the back of her poster so this is Addie’s feet:).

Blessing to you as you “March Forth” this March fifth,

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