Homeschooling in Review ~ Week 2 ~ 2013-2014 ~ Labor Day Tradition

by shara.anderson on September 11, 2013

Preschool Activities have been a must for us this year.  I did a post with 8 preschool activities that we did last week.

Even though I do plan some separate activities for Addie I really like that she can join in on a lot of the activities we do in My Father’s World.  This year we are doing Exploring Countries and Cultures which focuses on world geography.

One thing we did the first week, to help the kids understand how a round globe can be put on a map and also how and why there are distortions on an atlas or map versus a globe, was to make globes on oranges.

Mom's orange world

They worked hard and had fun.

Ella orange earth

This is exactly the kind of thing Addie loves to be a part of.  Even though she doesn’t understand a lot of what she’s doing, it is amazing what she does understand.

Addie's orange world

Ella’s finished product!

Ella's orange earth

Then we peeled the oranges and showed them how a map changes when it goes from a round globe to a flat map.  FYI, I would have used a clementine that isn’t as juicy as the juice from the orange wiped off some of the marker.

From Globe to Map

Enough about week 1 though, this post is about week 2!  Here’s what we did:

family pic in Duluth

We went to Duluth, Minnesota and had a mini vacation.  Almost all the public schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin start school after Labor Day so that’s exactly when we love to go.  The weather is nice, the rates are cheaper and there are no lines or crowds.

Ella navigating

We went to the local museum.

Cade and Sawyer Lake Superior

Hung out by Lake Superior.

Cade water

We also had fun at The Edge waterpark in Duluth.

Ella The Edge

If you are a homeschooler, and near Duluth in the off season, just give The Edge a call and ask them for their 50% off homeschooling discount.

Cade and Gideon The Edge

Grab some fellow friends…

Addie with Tiki Tom and Tiki Tina

and find some new ones:).

Kirk and Sawyer The Edge

There are some things that are harder about homeschooling, but there are also some serious advantages!

Addie waterpark

Here are Kirk and I chatting about homeschooling on our way up to Duluth.

Blessings to you in your fun traditions,



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