by shara.anderson on June 6, 2013

Have you heard of Hedbanz?  Ella got the game as a birthday gift.  It is actually a game I would highly recommend.  Basically, you have a card of a thing that is on your head that you cannot see and you have to ask questions, in a certain amount of time, to figure out what item is on your card.  It brings a fair amount of laughter and makes the kids think.

Cade and Ella have been asking recently to play this game WITHOUT Addie as she always looks at everyone else’s card and then proceeds to ask if that is what is on her card and it gives it away so the other person knows their item.  I was attempting to video tape this today as it is really quite funny.  She has gotten to the point now where she really tries not to look at the other person’s card because it is so hard for her not to them guess that item.

I was in for a surprise though when I did this video of her and I playing Headbanz:

This girl makes me laugh everyday!


Blessings to your family,




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