God Cares About the Journey

by shara.anderson on April 7, 2013

“Really?  You want to read that book, AGAIN?  How about this one instead?”

3 year olds,…they love to read the same book over and over and over again.  Why is it that they love it and adults fight to keep their eyes open?  I suppose there is something that is stimulating to their little brains as their synapses are making new connections each time, and for us it is more of a “been there done that” for our brains.

I’m usually interested in the end goal in any given situation.

We have to paint the room…let’s go and move.  Paint carefully, but quickly.

We are playing a board game…don’t let me catch you chatting and not moving when it’s your turn.  Let’s keep things going.

Taking my young one to the bathroom in public…go, flush, wash, dry…let’s move.

It seems to me, though, that God is not so interested in getting the end result quickly as much as the journey itself and how it transforms us along the way.  I mean, He’s God, right?  He did not need to make us as infants who depend solely on others.  He could have created us to be self-sufficient, fully functioning adults.  He could have made all of us with no needs.  There is something about the process, the journey.  There is also something about when we, as parents, rush or miss out on all or portions of that journey with our children.  There is something about relationship; both with God and our family and friends.

When our children are newborns we can’t wait until they can sleep through the night.  When they are teething, we are excited to think about the next non-crabby day they may have.  Potty training, terrible twos, tremendous threes and let’s not even mention tweens and teens.  BUT, what if we are meant to enjoy each stage??  What if there is something to be captured and gleaned from the right now?  What if where ever you live, what ever age you are, however old your children are, whatever your income level, whatever relationships are in your life (or not in your life) are part of this journey?  How can we learn and grow and be in the moment?

I have been told a few too many times that I will blink and my children will be grown.  SO, I will read that book AGAIN.  I will point something new out and laugh with my daughter.  I will look at her eyelashes as she blinks and the wonder in her blue eyes.  I will take in the curve of her nose and her soft skin.  I will enjoy her excitement for life instead of being annoyed with her 10,000 questions.  I will give thanks in all things.  I will learn to appreciate where I have been planted and BLOOM.











Blessings to you, in your stage of life,







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