Do You Ever Wonder?

by shara.anderson on June 22, 2012

Kirk often asks me if I ever look around and think, “How did I get here?”.  He is referring to the fact that we have 4 children and have been married for almost 14 years already!  It is crazy how time flies, and I have been feeling the same way lately.  Cade is 7 1/2, Ella is 6, Addie is nearing 3, and Sawyer just turned 10 months the other day!

Almost any time we are out someplace with all of our children, some sweet older couple comes up to us and smiles and says, “Enjoy it…it goes SO fast!”. I’ve heard this from so many people now that I’m almost nervous about how fast it is going.  I already sense it.  Cade only has 11 years until he graduates.

Then I read a great blog post here tonight.  Alicia talks about how the greatest gift we can give anyone is our attention.  The quote that hit me is “Sometimes I look at my children without seeing them”.  Yeah, I’ve been doing that lately.  Or I listen without looking, giving an, “Uh-huh” instead of engaging in the conversation.  Or I do tasks to “help them” (laundry, prepare food, change sheets) without being WITH them.

Again, I’m reminded to give my children (and Kirk) the one thing that they want more than anything…my undivided attention.  It’s time to put tasks aside, chores aside for a time, and just enjoy them and who God has created them to be.

When they’re gone I’m not going to wish I had gotten more laundry done.  I realize that it needs to get done, and it will.  It just might not get done today.

I think there might be a “Pinterest syndrome” out there.  You know, as you look at all the amazing things that everyone is creating and wearing and crafting you begin to feel lower and lower as you look around and see that there are toys on the floor, and you don’t have one crafty thing going with the kids, and they haven’t eaten tofu on freshly homemade wheat noodles.  Today I’m just giving myself permission to leave all of that  and play that board game or throw a ball in the backyard or ask Kirk how he is.  I don’t know that my kids even notice that much when the house is spotless (spotless may be a strong term anyway:)), but I know they notice when I’ve sat down and engaged with them.

Blessings to you as you enjoy your family today,

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