A Few of Our Favorite Games

by shara.anderson on April 5, 2013

These are a few of our favorite things games (are you envisioning Julie Andrews jumping on a bed??).



These are really neat building blocks that every child in our house loves.  Sawyer can build with them and Cade loves to create things from the book that came with the “blocks”.  These stretch spatial skills even further than regular blocks.


Spot It

This is a game that I bought from Amazon on a whim.  It is Addie’s absolute favorite.  What I love about this card game is that everyone in the family can play it without being bored silly.  It’s easy to learn and there are several variations of the game.



This was given to us by some friends.  It is a fun card game that is akin to slapjack with more twists and turns.  (Warning: if you are suffering from morning sickness the pictures of food may make you want to lose your lunch!!)


The Ladybug Game

The kids got this from Grandma several years ago.  Although it is geared toward younger kiddos (3 and up), this (in my opinion) is not mind numbing like Candyland (don’t get me wrong, we love Candyland, just in moderation).

We also love Sorry, Monopoly, and Sequence.

What are your favorite games??

Blessings and fun to your family,



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