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by shara.anderson on April 25, 2012

Truth is exclusive.  I know that many today try to say otherwise, but just because we say something does not make it so.

My heart cries out for those that have been hurt by the lies of Satan that abortion is a choice instead of what it is…murder.  I’m afraid that we have so many hurting women, men, boys and girls from them be affected by abortion.  I am sorry if you have been lied to and bought into the lie that abortion is a simple answer or a solution to a “problem”.  I’m sorry if you are dying inside each time you remember a little one that isn’t in your arms.  There is hope, healing and forgiveness for you in Jesus Christ.

For anyone considering abortion please watch this video first.  I pray it will open your eyes to the lies that have been pedaled in this country far too long.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  ~ John 8:32

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