It could have been me…it could have been you

by shara.anderson on July 23, 2013

I’ve heard a lot of theories and a lot of harsh words.  Harsh words directed toward Isaiah Theis’ parents and the law enforcement involved.  I don’t think it’s wrong to have ideas or even share them, but the fact remains we don’t know what happened, and it could have been my child.  Doesn’t every parent have a close call story that they are so thankful didn’t end in a nightmare?

sawyer bubbles

My son, Sawyer, will be 2 in August.  He is just 3 months younger than Isaiah Theis.  Sawyer wanders.  Sawyer loves keys.  The other night he had our house key partially in our car door.  Sawyer doesn’t say much yet, but he knows how to say, “key, key!”.  It is a full-time job keeping him safe, and with 3 other kiddos to pay attention to, things happen.  I also know that my children are far less agile and active than some of our friends’ children.

It could have been me…it could have been you.

It’s easy, in hindsight, to think that you would have handled a particular situation a certain way, but none of us have been in exactly that situation with precisely those circumstances.  Isn’t it amazing how you can look back on a situation and see clearly how you SHOULD have responded?

I have foolishly been on news sites and read comments.  Honestly, it makes me mad.  People who have no idea who these people are and who were no where near the scene have it all figured out.  Well, as you might guess, misinformation abounds.  To those harsh commenters, please wait for the facts to come out, and keep your finger pointing out of the public sphere.

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