I’m Sorry!

by shara.anderson on January 10, 2013

For any woman who has been lied to and followed that lie to an abortion…I’m sorry!  Then to that broken woman who has dealt with secrecy, self-hatred and crippling sadness…I’m sorry!  I’m not sure of your circumstances or what the many factors were in your life, but my heart aches for you.  For all the things you feel like you have to cover up and the pain that so many don’t know about because you feel you can’t share with anyone…I’m sorry!

It seemed like the only answer.

It felt like it might make things better.

You would do it all differently if you could.

You DESPERATELY want healing!

May you know the grace of my Savior.  The one who created all, sees all, knows all and GAVE all so that each one of us could be God’s child!!  Trust Jesus and KNOW that you are forgiven!!  May you know the healing that He gives.  May you know the purpose He has for your life!

Forgiveness can be yours in Jesus Christ!


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