Creative Discipline

by shara.anderson on August 13, 2013

I’ve never had more grace for other parents than I do now, and I’m assuming as Kirk and I move along in this parenting journey I’ll only have more.

You know how it is before you have kids.  You know exactly what type of parent you will be, and, more importantly, exactly what kind of parent you WON’T be!  You can judge each interaction you see between a parent and child.  That screaming child at the grocery store, well, they must never discipline them at home!!

My child was never going to talk back to me, and he would eat exactly what was placed before him with no arguments.  My girls would always have their hair done just so and be dressed as I saw fit.  My kids would love being together, and that arguing that so many deal with, well, we were somehow going to magically have children that loved being together all the time!  My house, by the way, would be consistently tidy and organized.  With being home full-time what excuse could you have for not having the house all picked up??

And so, here we are, almost 9 years into this journey.  I’ve had that screaming child, more than once, in the store.  My children are at times sassy and disrespectful.  They complain about the food on their plate and they argue just like other siblings.  My daughter goes to church in her fancy dress and dirty flip flops.  Come on over to my “tidy” house…you’ll laugh.  Can I just tell you that last Wednesday at the library story time we had to leave early because Sawyer was being such a bully to the other kiddos.

I think I’m learning though that this isn’t failure.  I’m learning to love my children well and give them the same grace that God gives me, day in and day out.  I’m learning to love them in the midst of toys strewn about and when they are having a difficult day.  I’m learning that my kids are here just as much for me as I am here for them.  I’m learning grace.

Oh, one other thing that I would never do…make my children write sentences as a form of discipline.  After all, how does a child learn to love to write if they only associate it with punishment?  I was going to be the ultimate in creative discipline.  Never overreacting or using a punishment that didn’t fit the crime.  Logical consequences only.

I love Ella

Well, all I have to say is that Kirk handed out this consequence for Cade, not me.

Blessings to you on your parenting journey!




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