Submission Looks Different

September 12, 2012

You’ve probably heard 345 sermons on submission (okay, maybe not quite that many).  You’ve maybe read several books or articles about it.  Maybe you’ve been encouraged by other women in your life in regards to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that although there are many things that can be defined from the Bible on […]

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Menu Planning

August 13, 2012

Why does it seem like supper is a surprise some days?  It’s 4:30PM and you are wondering what you are going to make for supper.  Ok, maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does the following video might be helpful.  Becky is a mom to 14 beautiful children and they all happen to […]

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July 31, 2012

Chores are a must if you are going to keep things running smoothly at home.  Instead of thinking of chores as just a necessary evil you can also see them as an opportunity for your children to be a necessary contributor in your household.  They gain skills, discipline and a sense of accomplishment while making […]

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Potty Training in a Week

July 24, 2012

If you are a parent, potty training is something that you will need to think about at some point.  Here is a conversation that I had with my friend, Becky, who has trained all of her 14 children this way (If you are interested in listening to how Becky and her husband were called to […]

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Blanket Time

July 17, 2012

The first time I ever heard about something called “Blanket Time” was from my friend, Becky.  (You can hear Becky’s story about coming to have 14 children here.)  This little tip has been such a beneficial thing for our family!  It really can help what could be a stressful situation to be something much more […]

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Respecting Your Husband ~ Podcast with Becky

May 1, 2012

What is respecting your husband?  Why do it and how?  What about if you just don’t agree with him?  These are the questions that I was able to ask Becky in our second podcast together.  Respecting your husband is not something easy to do, but it is foundational to bringing a sense of peace to […]

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From 5 to 14 Children ~ Podcast with Becky

March 20, 2012

Aren’t people’s stories fascinating?  I have always been intrigued by others’ lives.  I find that I learn so much through others. Last week I was able to sit down (via Skype) with Becky who is someone that I have learned SO much from.  She shared her story of how her and her husband, Mark, came […]

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God’s Faithfulness in our Obedience ~ My Interview with Mary Hankel

July 6, 2010

The other day I was able to sit down with a friend and neighbor named Mary Hankel. She tells a piece of her story and how her family, through adoption, went from a family of 5 to 12!! Ultimately, this is a story of God’s faithfulness and what He can do with those who are obedient to His call. Thanks so much for sharing Mary, and God bless your entire family!!

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