I Don’t Want “Good Kids”

November 11, 2012

It’s a scary time to be raising children.  It seems that there is so much out there just waiting to destroy them.  Between violence, abuse, sex outside of marriage and drugs there is a tendency to just want to take your kids to the nearest bomb shelter and lock them in.  I often hear prayer […]

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Watoto Choir

May 30, 2012

One ministry we have supported the last couple of years is Watoto.  We have a child that we give monthly support to, and I have been amazed at how much correspondence we have had with her.  I posted about some letters that the kids sent and more information about Watoto here. This video is from […]

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The Creator ~ His Game, His Rules

May 27, 2012

The conversation went something like this: Ella:  …”why do I have to be on a team?” Cade:  “Because, that’s the game.” Ella:  “But, I don’t want to!  Why can’t I just be by myself?” Me:  “Um, Ella, Cade made the game.  You have to go by the rules he made.” I would love to say […]

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The Faith of a Four Year Old

May 25, 2012

Chris is the youth pastor at our church.  He and his wife have a heart for missions.  They have both gone on several mission trips and Chris makes it a priority for the youth he pastors as well.  What’s really neat though is how that passion has already been caught onto by their 4 year […]

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180 Movie

April 25, 2012

Truth is exclusive.  I know that many today try to say otherwise, but just because we say something does not make it so. My heart cries out for those that have been hurt by the lies of Satan that abortion is a choice instead of what it is…murder.  I’m afraid that we have so many […]

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Cycle of Sin

March 27, 2012

In our homeschool curriculum we have been following Israel’s history, and we have just been covering Israel’s captivity in Babylon.  This got me thinking of a few years back when I was teaching an incredible group of 4th grade girls in Sunday School.  We were also covering a piece of Israel’s history then. There are […]

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Prayer Jar

February 20, 2012

I don’t know where I first read about the “prayer jar” idea, but it is something that we used to do when the kids were quite a bit younger. We want a way for our family to pray specifically for people in our lives, but sometimes it feels overwhelming as there are so many people.  […]

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Feed My Starving Children

January 24, 2012

We had the opportunity to serve at Feed My Starving Children a little while ago.  It is a great organization that uses adult and child volunteers to package nutritious meals for starving children all over the world.  We were fortunate to have the organization come to our area and “set up shop” close to home. […]

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A Great Reminder from “The FamilyMan”

May 14, 2011

As I was finishing my blog post from yesterday, Kirk sent me this video. It seemed perfectly timed and a great reminder…for everyone, but especially homeschoolers.

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April 13, 2011

Back in October we had the Watoto Children’s Choir come to our church in Wisconsin. The sanctuary was packed as people from our church and community anticipated seeing this children’s choir that had come all the way from Uganda, Africa to share their story.

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