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by shara.anderson on February 23, 2012

Wow!  There is SO much home-school curriculum out there that it is overwhelming!  I was recently talking with a friend and she said that it is best just to pick something you like and go with it.  You can always be second guessing yourself and thinking you are missing something or that something else would be so much better.  I think that is very true!  I also think that you should make sure you give things a good test run before abandoning it.

Here’s what we have been using this year, and we are planning to get this curriculum for next year too.

My Father’s World is our base curriculum.  This is just the teacher’s manual and Bible Reader.  There is a lot more that comes with it (science, music, art etc) depending on what package you purchase.  My Father’s World covers our Bible/history and language arts/phonics.  I really like the timeline that we are making this year.  It is pretty tricky to show well in a picture, but the kids color a picture from our Bible story that day and place it on our timeline on our wall. We started with creation and are currently through 1000 BC.  After I read the story Cade reads a simplified version out of the Bible Reader.  Then they get a chance to draw a picture about the story and write about it.  It seems like the stories really stick with them as they are hearing them twice and then drawing and writing about them.  They are also memorizing a verse from Proverbs each week that correlates.

This is Ella’s Bible Notebook page from our Samson story today…

and this is Cade’s.

Cade does his Language Arts in another workbook that correlates with the story.  While he is doing that, Ella and I work in Phonics Pathways.

My Father’s World has very limited math with it, but we use Math-U-See and really like that as well.

If you have something that you love using feel free to leave a comment.  I always like to hear what is working for other people.

Blessings to your family,

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