Kindle Freebies, Radio Theatre and “Boy” Books

by shara.anderson on March 21, 2013

Great FREE resources

Beatrix Potter, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Jane Austin.  Classic writers…for FREE!  Many of you probably already know this, but you can download all kinds of books for free from Amazon to your Kindle or nook or whatever techy device you may use.

Here is Beatrix Potter.

Here are general classics.

Heidi, Polyanna, Little Women, Little Men, The Secret Garden…are you getting overwhelmed yet?  I am.  Where to start??

Radio Theatre Series

Another great resource for our family has been “Lamplight Theater” as well as their books/ebooks.  The Lamplighter Theatre is very well done, and it has such quality content for your kids.  If you have a long car ride coming up these can be a great way to spend the time together.  You will find that you become just as caught up in the stories as your children.

We recently listened to Teddy’s Button which is a wonderful story of a boy who “enlists in God’s army” and then his struggle to deal with his internal “bully”.  We have found these stories to really engage our son and daughter give them a sense of purpose in fighting in the spiritual battles that rage.  There is spiritual depth in these stories.

Books that Capture the Hearts of Boys


If you have boys you will want to get your hands on The Kingdom Series and The Knight Series.

These were written by a father who felt like he was not getting through to his boys about spiritual things.  They are well written and will capture the heart of your son.  It ignites something of the warrior within.  These are really for boys 8 and up.  There are 2 separate series.  One is more geared toward pre-teen and the other to teen.

I would love to hear what resources have you found to be engaging for your family?

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