Bloom Where You Are Planted

by shara.anderson on December 23, 2009

I love to read. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies,¬†curriculum, magazine articles, recipes, blogs…I love it all.

It was sometime while I was pregnant that a gracious friend loaned me many books during the days of morning sickness. There was a stack of Randy Alcorn fiction among the stack. I had read Alcorn’s Heaven book, but none of his fiction. I really like the fiction I do read to be stretching, and I tend to stay away from mindless romance novels (sorry for those of you who love that kind of thing).

I read Safely Home, and I have not been the same since. The book takes you into the Persecuted Church in China. It draws you into a real world that most Americans know nothing about. It makes you long for Heaven while making your heart break for brothers and sisters you have never met.

It was while reading that book that my desire to do something huge for Christ was ignited in a way it hadn’t in a long time. I wanted to travel far and wide, talk to anyone who would listen, write books and speak to the masses. Kirk’s passion to travel isn’t real high, I’m not the most eloquent, and I thought writing 8 page papers in college was quite lengthy so it seemed that all that was within me was hitting dead ends.

I prayed during that time that God would reveal to me the great things He had for me to do for Him. I wanted to see God do amazing things as I put my faith in Him. I would come up with great ideas only for them to lose steam quickly. The ideas were from me.

Through some different people, circumstances and Bible studies God has showed me that I am to be the wife and mom He has created me to be. That’s it. No long plane rides or big groups of people. Nothing fancy or unique. The question is, do I have enough faith for God to take care of my needs even when my husband doesn’t? Can I trust God to give me the strength to help train my children when I have no energy left? Do I trust God in a way that allows me to respect my husband even when he doesn’t deserve it?

This is what God has called me to. To those God has called He will equip. If I trust Him daily (many times hourly) He will work through me to be faithful. Am I perfect…ha!!! Just ask Kirk and the kids! I’m not perfect, but I can start again and trust God to transform me to be the best wife and mom I can be.

Really it is blooming where you are planted. Where have you been planted? Are you surviving or blooming? God will equip you to what He

has called you to. If you are a wife…you are called to be a wife to the husband you have. If you are a mom…you are called to be a mom to the children you have. Read Safely Home and know that God has called you.

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